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When looking for the best jewelry, you want the highest-quality materials in beautiful forms and designs. Here at Panther Jewelry, we offer the best jewelry online, including custom-made jewelry. Below, we're going to take a look at the difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds. Read below to find your perfect diamond or shop our entire jewelry collection online today!

Lab Diamonds Are Ethical

Eliminate the environmental impact of traditional mining diamond when you purchase a lab diamond with Panther Jewelry. Lab diamonds are more environmentally-friendly than mined diamonds. The process of mining diamonds can be quite damaging to the environment, so lab-grown diamonds are a more sustainable option.

Lab Diamonds Can Get Better Clarity

Lab diamonds are typically higher clarity grades and significantly larger than an earth-mined diamond of the same price. They can have better clarity than real diamonds because they are grown in a controlled environment where there are no dirt or impurities. This also leads to fewer defects overall.

Lab Diamonds Are More Affordable

Lab-grown diamonds are often less expensive than mined diamonds. This is because lab-grown diamonds don't have to go through the same process of being cut and polished as mined diamonds do. In fact, lab diamonds can be about 50% cheaper than the same cut and clarity that a real diamond would give.

Lab Diamonds Are More Versatile

Lab diamonds tend to be brighter and more perfect than real diamonds. In fact, you can get colored diamonds in beautiful colors and cuts due to the fact they can be grown to perfection. Plus, you will know their exact origin and you'll get a pure diamond, conflict-free and socially responsible.

Natural Diamonds

The beauty and value of natural diamonds make them a popular choice for jewelry and other luxury items. But what really makes them so special? Here, we’ll discuss the advantages of natural diamonds and why they’re so highly prized.

Natural Diamonds Have Undeniable Value

Natural diamonds have been highly prized the world over for their beauty and classic look. Since their unique beauty is found in no other gemstone or precious metal, natural diamonds hold their value over time and most grow in value.

Natural Diamonds Are a Great Investment With Good Resale Value

Because of the rarity of natural diamonds, they make a great investment with good resale value. Since diamonds have multiple uses, such as for custom-made jewelry, there will always be a high demand for them.

Natural Diamonds Are Highly Desirable

Natural diamonds have an unparalleled beauty that is difficult to replicate. No two diamonds are exactly alike, making them truly unique and special. Each diamond has its own characteristics and color, which makes them highly prized and desirable.


With Panther Jewelry, you can rest assured that we only procure our jewelry materials from reputable sources, doing our best to ensure your jewelry is not only exquisite but ethically crafted and socially responsible. We offer jewelry made from lab diamonds that are absolutely stunning and gorgeous, from our diamond engagement rings to our bracelets. Shop through our jewelry collection online or let our custom jewelers create a beautiful piece all your own today!