What is a Diamond, Lab Diamond and a Ethical Diamond?

What is a diamond?

For starters, a diamond is made from carbon. It is the solidified form of carbon, and it takes millions, if not billions of years to become a diamond. The older the diamond is, the more natural it gets. It will form in between 150 and 250 kilometers (93 and 155 mi) of depth or even sometimes which is exceedingly rare it can go as deep as 800 kilometers (500 mi). These are formed under high pressure and temperature. The deepest humans have ever dug is 7 kilometers, (4 mi) so how is it possible for us to mine diamonds? The reason for that is because of a volcanic eruption. This will cause the diamonds to go to the Earth’s surface which will be possible for us to mine. After the mining, the lapidarist (gem cutter) cuts and polishes the diamond for people to use on their engagement rings. Shaping the diamond will increase its value of it and it will be much shinier.

What is a lab diamond?

A lab diamond has the same characteristics as a natural diamond, but the only difference is that it is made in the laboratory. It undergoes the same process as a natural diamond. They plant a small piece of natural diamond in the carbon seed, then they use extreme heat and pressure. When the carbon melts, that is when a diamond forms around the diamond seed. After cooling down, the lapidarist will cut and polish. Cutting and polishing will increase the value significantly.


What is an ethical diamond?

An ethical diamond is a diamond that is conflict-free and mined without causing damage to the environment. It’s safe to say that a lab diamond is also an ethical diamond. The reason why it is called lab diamond is that miners don’t have to take the risk to mine since mining is a very risky job. Other than that, it is safe to say that Canadian natural diamonds are also ethical. The Canadian government has very strict laws and insures sustainable practices. The miners in Canada are paid very well since mining is a risky job and they make sure they are not causing any damage to the environment.