Why should you wear Lab Diamond Engagement Rings instead of Natural Diamonds.

What is a Lab Diamond?

A lab diamond is a diamond made in a laboratory. It has exactly the same chemical and optical characteristics as a natural diamond. A lab diamond is made by mimicking the same process as a natural diamond. They apply heat and pressure to a small piece of diamond placed inside carbon with a sealed special chamber. That's how a lab diamond is made. 

Difference between Lab Diamonds and Natural Diamonds?

You can get a higher quality and a bigger lab diamond for a lot cheaper than a natural diamond. If you want your diamond to look big, but you don't have a big budget, lab diamonds are recommended. 

Why should you wear Lab Diamonds instead of Natural Diamonds?

Briefly, you can get a bigger and better quality lab diamond for cheaper compared to natural diamonds. They are also ethical, and environmentally friendly, and don't need miners to risk their life. 

Why the Lab Diamonds from Panther Jewelry are the best?

All the Engagement Rings from Panther Jewelry are handmade by themselves. That is the reason why Panther Jewelry has the best quality lab diamond engagement rings and unbeatable prices. They don't buy and sell from someone else. All the diamonds come with a certificate and detailing every aspect of the diamond.