Best jewelry store in Montreal for Cuban chains and bracelets.


Why wear Cuban links?

One thing for sure about Cuban links is their durability. Solid gold Cuban links are extremely hard to break and they last centuries. Other than their unmatched durability, they are very beautiful and bring attention. A well-made Cuban link doesn’t get tangled, and you can wear it with anything.

Why wear Panther Jewelry’s Cuban links?

A high-quality Cuban bracelet or chain requires great attention to detail and there is no room for mistakes. Panther Jewelry’s solid gold Cuban links are handmade by the owner himself which has 40 years of experience. We use the highest quality alloys and they are available in 10k, 14k, and 18k with the length and width you desire.

How Panther Jewelry’s Cuban links are made?

Making Cuban links with your hands is not an easy task to accomplish. At first, we start by making the mold, and then we do the casting. After the casting, we polish every single link for shine and cleaning. Then, we must assemble every single Cuban link together by cutting and soldering each link together. After that, we redo the polish since the solder will take off the shine. This process takes hours since we are very careful perfectionists, and we only use the highest quality materials to make Cuban links or any other type of jewelry. That is how Panther Jewelry’s Cuban link chains and bracelets are made. Come shop at Panther Jewelry Montreal to get the best Cuban chain or bracelet with the best prices in town since it’s made in the house.